About Us

The Rapino Foundation is an international development and relief organization with a focus on the world’s most vulnerable groups such as women and children in the developing world and animals.

Our mission is to elevate micro-entrepreneurs, social impact enterprises and humanitarian projects to break down the cycle of poverty one community at a time.

 We believe that getting a community to thrive and become sustainable is best done from within, by unlocking the impacted community’s potential.

  We listen to the community’s everyday heroes. We learn about their difficulties, their needs, their dreams, their aspirations, their ideas. We then find and collaborate with experts whose core competencies lay in the specific value chain to address market failures with possible inefficiencies such as availability of information, skills, tools, technologies, market linkages, access to capital, infrastructure, or governance –all usually out of their control or reach. We want to use the power of innovation stemming from the minds of local youth and women to not only change individual lives but entire communities.

 Through collaboration and partnerships, we develop solutions to catalyze growth and scalability by marrying the proper resources with technical expertise and enable people to draw on their own knowledge and strength to seize opportunities, transform challenges into solutions through invention and innovation, and build stronger, thriving and sustainable communities. 


Depending on the need, we take on the attributes of a Venture Capital firm, an Incubator or Accelerator however our methods are different.

Our primary driver is story. We set each philanthropic journey to film, capturing the struggles, the victories... the MOMENTS. 

 Our primary goal is innovative social impact / sustainable poverty alleviation maximization with the traditional ROI.

Our first line of action is conscious listening. We engage first in ACTIVE LISTENING, analyze and strategize later.  After thorough due diligence of possible ventures, we go forward with a $50,000 pre set cap per venture.. We bring in the partners, equipment, technology and education needed for each venture's success.